Christine Husom

Author of the Winnebago County Mystery Series and the Snow Globe Shop Mystery Series


Review on Night Owl Suspense by Kittybooboo, Frosty the Dead Man, A Snow Globe Shop Mystery, #3

Posted by christinehusom on December 12, 2016 at 7:55 PM



Another snow globe mystery with a great ending seems impossible, but is true. This is a wonderful series and Ms. Husom does an excellent job from the get-go! The writing is fresh, the style is neat but complex, and the mysteries keep this story humming along to the end. While the ending is typical: mysteries solved; Christine does make time for new adventures, new employees, and romance abounds throughout this novel.


The mayor is dead! Mayor Lewis Frost, a man whom many are ticked off with for his new agenda, is discovered in his office by Camryn Brooks (store manager of a curio shop). A snow globe that he recently purchased there lies in pieces near him. Between all the employees of city hall, none knows who last saw him that night. Camryn merely went to see him regarding his proposal of being on the council.


Then she hires a young person who seems in need of money, but isn't from around here. Suddenly a bunch of people are interested in her weird snow globes that are truly off-putting for most customers. Next thing she knows one of them turns up missing. But during this mad-rush of Christmas, Camryn is too tired and busy to do more than follow her new employee to her home. She and Pinky (her friend who works next door in a coffee shop) end up solving more mysteries than just the murder of Mayor Lewis Frost.


I love this series; each book is different from the next in terms of mysteries and snow globes. And at the back of the book is how to make snow globes using Styrofoam flakes. Such inspiration is wonderful to see after the novel is finished as it completes the encapsulation of snow globes all around!

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