Christine Husom

Author of the Winnebago County Mystery Series and the Snow Globe Shop Mystery Series

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Firesetter in Blackwood Township, the latest in the series, launched in November, 2017, and I'm currently working on the eighth installment. I may need to have a contest to figure out the title. I was thinking, Remains in the Coyote Bog, but one of my closest loved ones isn't fond of it. So we'll see!

Another thing I’m excited about is that my story, “The Birthday Box,” was accepted into the Twin Cities Sisters in Crime Anthology, Dark Side of the Loon, and launched at Once Upon A Crime Bookstore in Minneapolis in May. The collection of stories are based on actual times/events in our state's history. German prisoners of war were housed for two summers at the Wright County Fairgrounds, my home county in Minnesota, during World War II. Major battles waged on foreign soils, yet POWs were held in the U.S. with relative anonymity. It got me thinking “what if,” and inspired a mystery of a POW who spent a summer in Minnesota and met a woman here. 

Barns are burning in Blackwood Township, and the Winnebago
County Sheriff’s Office realizes they have a firesetter to flush out.
The investigation ramps up when a body is found in one of the barns.
Meanwhile, deputies are getting disturbing deliveries. Why are they
being targeted? It leaves Sergeant Corinne Aleckson and Detective


Barns are burning in Blackwood Township, and the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office realizes they have a firesetter to flush out. The investigation ramps up when a body is found in one of the barns. Meanwhile, deputies are getting disturbing deliveries. Why are they being targeted? It leaves Sergeant Corinne Aleckson and Detective Elton Dawes to wonder, what is the firesetter’s message and motive?

What reviewers are saying:

 “Thoroughly engrossing journey down the rabbit hole.”~Timya Owen

“A great story. Couldn’t put it down. Loved the interaction of Husom's characters.”~Marlene Chabot

 “I felt like I was searching the crime scenes and investigating with the characters.”~Barbara Schlichting

“This excellent series features a character who is tough but compassionate.”~ Jim Doherty

“A fine addition to Christine Husom’s successful Winnebago series that will give mystery fans an exciting ride.”~Lisa Towles

“Fans of the series will enjoy the overlapping twists and turns as the action steadily builds to a shocking climax.”~Patti Phillips

“With great hanging questions, compelling characters, along with the gorgeous Minnesota setting, Husom's book leaves one question--when will the next book come out?”~Kathleen Donnelly 


The Snow Globe Shop Mystery Series

One of my favorite parts of writing fiction is creating new characters. Each one takes on a life of his or her own, and I love watching them flesh out and develop when they are dealing with the people and circumstances in their lives. Camryn Brooks is the protagonist in this series. She is currently managing her parents’ business, Curio Finds, a shop that specializes in snow globes from around the world. It’s not where she planned to be at this point in her life—or ever—but it’s where she landed after a scandal changed her career path.

Alice “Pinky” Nelson, one of Cami’s best friends, runs a coffee shop, Brew Ha-Ha, in the building adjoining Curio Finds. Their other childhood friends, teacher Erin Vickerman and Brooks Landing Police Officer, Mark Weston are woven in the storylines, as they are in their life events. So is the eccentric, but lovable Archie Newberry, an older friend who works for the City of Brooks Landing. Not to mention irritating assistant chief of police, Clinton Lonsbury who Pinky refers to as “Eye Candy Clint,” much to Cami’s disgust.


Frosty The Dead Man, Third in the Series, 2016

“A snow globe becomes a murder weapon in the latest cozy mystery from the national bestselling author of Snow Way Out and The Iced Princess.

Mayor Lewis Frost has always been known as Frosty to his friends—not that he has many these days. Controversies swirling around the city council have members wondering if Frosty is trying to snow them. After one councilman storms off in a huff, the mayor turns to curio shop manager Camryn Brooks and asks her to consider taking a seat on the council.

Later, when Cami goes to his office to discuss the proposal, her blood runs cold. She finds Frosty dead, and the very snow globe she sold him earlier that day lies in sparkling shards on his carpet—along with a large diamond. Does the snow globe—which features a peculiar tableau of an armed man and three menacing bears—hold a clue to Frosty’s demise? One way or another, it’s up to Cami to shake things up before the killer’s trail goes cold...” 


The Iced PrincessSecond in the Series, 2015

"The Christmas rush is coming, and curio shop owner Camryn Brooks and coffee shop owner Pinky Nelson reluctantly hire their former classmate, Molly Dalton, after she begs them to. Molly struggles through her first day on the job, and they worry she won't make it very long. The problem turns out to be far worse when Cami discovers Molly dead from poisoning in the back of the shop. There’s an avalanche of suspects and clues and Cami feels compelled to shovel through them, and bring the evil poisoner to justice." 


Snow Way Out, First in the Series, 2015. 

"Ever since she was a child, Cami has loved the sparkling beauty of snow globes, and now, she sells them. In fact, they’re so popular, Cami and her friend—coffee shop owner Alice “Pinky” Nelson—are hosting a snow globe making class. After the flurry of activity has ended and everyone has gone off with their own handmade snow globes, Cami spots a new globe left behind on a shelf, featuring an odd tableau—a man sleeping on a park bench. On her way home, she drifts through the town park and is shaken to come upon the scene from the globe—a man sitting on a bench. But he isn’t sleeping—he has a knife in his back. When the police arrive, it’s clear they consider Cami a little flaky and possibly a suspect. After her friends also come under suspicion, Cami starts plowing through clues to find the cold-blooded backstabber—before someone else gets iced…"

 Praise for Snow Way Out

"A promising debut! Delights with charming characters, lots of heart, and a clever whodunit."~Christy Fifield, national bestselling author of Murder Ties the Knot

Snow Way everything I love in a cozy mystery...[This series is] off to a magnificent start. Christine Husom’s unique storyline using characters who own a snow globe shop and joint coffee shop is one that is different than most I have read and it works...Snow Way an absolutely delightful story to cozy up on the couch to.”—Fresh Fiction

“This was a wonderful debut to a promising new series...I look forward to spending more time with this great cast of characters.”—Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows

“This is a pleasantly appealing and delightfully charming addition to the cozy mystery genre, and I can’t wait for my next visit to Brooks Landing.”—Dru’s Book Musings


The Winnebago County Mystery Series


Secret in Whitetail Lake, Sixth in the Series, 2015.

The discovery of an old Dodge Charger on the bottom of a Winnebago County lake turns into a homicide investigation when human remains are found in the car. To make matters worse, Sheriff Twardy disappears that same day, leaving everyone to wonder where he went. Sergeant Corinne Aleckson and Detective Elton Dawes probe into both mysteries, searching for answers. Little do they know they’re being closely watched by the keeper of the Secret in Whitetail Lake
Praise for Secret in Whitetail Lake

“Two kids are found dead at the bottom of a lake in a Dodge Charger, 33 years after they disappeared, and that’s just a few of the surprising ingredients in this twisty concoction.  The Secret in Whitetail Lake is a delectable mixture of suspense, rich characters and cultural observations that simmers happily until the final scene.”~David Housewright, Edgar Award winning author of “Unidentified Woman #15

“It was Winston Churchill who made the famous comment: ‘It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.’ Although he was speaking about Russia, he might well have been describing author Christine Husom's Secret in Whitetail Lake. Multiple layers of secrets and carefully laid clues danced just on the edge of revealing the truth throughout the story. Stunning revelations concluded both storylines and, although I love to solve a mystery, I didn't want this one to end.” ~Timya Owen, author and Twin Cities Sisters in Crime president, 2016

"Christine Husom has once again captured the essence of a rural Minnesota mystery as she draws readers into the Secret in Whitetail Lake. When the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department stumbles upon a car at the bottom of Whitetail Lake, what appears to be a probable accident from three decades earlier, turns into something far more sinister that makes this story a page turner."~Sheila Knop, journalist

The Secret in Whitetail Lake is a must read for any mystery sleuth craving a good read…a really good read. Christine Husom has a way of weaving intricate twists and turns into her stories that while very natural will keep you guessing until the very end. Each and every one of her characters is so natural that you may just assume they are living, breathing human beings in Winnebago County. So much so that you might just want to take a drive to visit your friends in Winnebago County…now if you could just find it on the map.”~Julie Bergh, author, The Restored Woman

“Gripping suspense, captivating story line and a cast of characters so well written you will be mesmerized from the start. This fast paced action filled book will keep you reading through the night, eager to find out what will happen next.”~Shelley Giusti, reviewer, Shelley’s Book Case

“Christine Husom hits it out of the ballpark with Secret in Whitetail Lake. It is a captivating mystery filled with twists and turns that will make your head spin and keep you reading late into the night and leave you wanting more.”~Julie Seedorf, author of the Fuchsia, Minnesota Mysteries

“A local mystery from the past surfaces through technology brought to the small town, and stirs up memories. This series will not be forgotten.”~Rhonda Gilliland, Twin Cities Sisters in Crime president, 2012-2015


Murder in Winnebago CountyFirst in the series, 2008.

Murder in Winnebago County follows an unlikely serial killer plaguing a rural Minnesota county. The clever murderer leaves a growing chain of apparent suicides among prominent people in the criminal justice system. As her intuition helps her draw the cases together, Winnebago County Sergeant Corinne Aleckson enlists assistance from her mentor and friend, Detective Elton Dawes. What Aleckson doesn’t know is the killer is keeping a close watch on her. Will she be the next target?

Praise for Murder in  Winnebago County

"This is really good storytelling, nicely plotted, with a detailed, rich setting. A great job of introducing exposition without drowning the reader in it, yet still giving us a clear sense of place and character." Lisa Brackmann

"This is very well written . . . intriguing story line . . . rich descriptions." Scott Whittenburg, author of The May, Day Murders and See Tom Run.

"Excellent visuals and introduction of settings. All of the locations are so vivid--she put us right there." Deborah J Ledford, award winning author of six published short stories and Staccato and Snare.


Buried in Wolf Lake, Second in the series, 2009.

What is Buried in Wolf Lake? When a dog brings home the dismembered leg of a young woman. the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department launches an investigation unlike any before. Who does the leg belong to, and where is the rest of her body? Sergeant Corinne Aleckson and Detective Elton Dawes soon discover they are up against an unidentified psychopath who targets women with specific physical features. Are there other victims, and will they learn the killer’s identity in time to prevent another brutal murder?

Praise for Buried in Wolf Lake:

"Rich in detail and atmosphere, Buried in Wolf Lake is a story reminiscent of The Profiler television series. It draws you in from the first page, leading you on the twisted path of a psychotic killer and those dedicated to bringing the killer to justice. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop until you discover what's Buried in Wolf Lake." Margay Leah Justice, author of Nora's Soul.

"From the grisly discovery of a dismembered leg in the first few pages, prepare to be sucked into a vortex of "can't put it down" suspense with a heady shot of romance swirled within. Husom's tale of Sergeant "Corky" Aleckson's investigation is full of enough "cop speak" and investigative details to appeal to the hardest of hard-boiled mystery readers, while the potent attraction between Corky and her friend and mentor, Smoke Dawes, offers toe-curling romantic tension. Throughout the investigation and attraction, Husom deftly spins an eerie inner view of the twisted mind of a psychopath turned serial killer." Niki Turner, author of Here Comes the Bride and The Judas Trap.


An Altar By The River, Third in the series, 2010.

A frantic man phones the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department reporting his brother is armed with a large dagger and on his way there, intent to sacrifice himself. Sergeant Corinne Aleckson takes the call, learning the alarming reasons behind the young man’s death wish. When the department investigates, they plunge into the alleged criminal activities of a hidden cult and the disturbing cover-up of an old closed-case shooting death. The cult members have everything to lose and will do whatever it takes to prevent the truth coming to light. But will they find An Altar by the River in time to save the young man?

Praise for An Altar by the River:

“An Altar by the River skillfully blends elements of mystery, horror and detective fiction in a suspenseful clash of good and evil that will keep readers turning pages to the end." Christopher Valen, author of White Tombs and The Black Minute.

“Christine Husom's An Altar by the River is another riveting look at what happens when true evil meets "good guy" detectives Corky Aleckson and Smoke Dawes. Husom's colorful characters and small town Minnesota setting are the perfect backdrop for her compelling mysteries. Christine is an expert at weaving in details and clues in just the right doses to keep you wondering until the very last moment.” Sherrie Hansen, author of Night and DayStormy Weather, and Water Lily.


The Noding Field Mystery, Fourth in the series, 2012.

When a man’s naked body is found staked out in a farmer’s soybean field, Sergeant Corinne Aleckson and Detective Elton Dawes are called to the scene. The cause of death is not apparent, and the significance of why he was placed there is a mystery. As Aleckson, Dawes, and the rest of their Winnebago Sheriff’s Department team gather evidence, and look for suspects and motive, they hit one dead end after another. Then an old nemesis escapes from jail and plays in the shocking conclusion.

Praise for The Noding Field Mystery:

"Christine Husom learned a lot when she was a deputy sheriff. Enough, in fact, to write a mystery series. In her latest, Husom puts that knowledge to work in a first-class police procedural that gives readers a you-are-there look at what really happens behind the scenes after a body is found staked out in a field." Judith Yates Borger, author of the Skeeter Hughes Mystery series.

“Crows feasting on the body of a naked, dead man—so begins The Noding Field Mystery. This engrossing police procedural has a host of likely suspects and a victim who most definitely “needs killin’”. Sergeant Corky Aleckson is on the job again, and, despite the terror when an old case comes back on her, she’s about to track down another killer in Winnebago County.” Juliet Waldron, author of Hand Me Down Bride.

“Sparks always fly when Corky Aleckson and Smoke Dawes team up. The Noding Field Mystery is a taut procedural that builds to a shocking climax. The best yet in Husom’s Winnebago County Mystery Series.” Jenifer LeClair, author of Rigged for Murder.


A Death in Lionel's Woods, Fifth in the Series, 2013. 

When a woman’s emaciated body is found in a hunter’s woods, Sergeant Corinne “Corky” Aleckson is coaxed back into the field to assist Detective Smoke Dawes on the case. It seems the only hope for identifying the woman lies in a photo that was buried with bags of money under her body. Aleckson and Dawes plunge into the investigation that takes them into the world of human smugglers and traffickers, unexpectedly close to home. All the while, they are working to uncover the identity of someone who is leaving Corky anonymous messages and pulling pranks at her house. A Death in Lionel’s Woods is an unpredictable roller coaster ride to the electrifying end.

 Praise for A Death in Lionel's Woods:

“The mysterious circumstances surrounding a dead body, a missing woman, and disappeared children are just a few of the new crimes that Corky and Smoke tackle in A Death in Lionel’s Woods. Once again, Christine Husom’s characters shine when they start to uncoil a smoldering evil hidden just out of view inside their tranquil, pastoral community. And as always, the characters in the Winnebago Sheriff’s department are cordial and gracious; at times so lifelike, that when they’re having a cuppa joe together, you might feel the caffeine jolt too.” Mickie Turk, author of Made In The Image.

“Christine Husom brings a powerful authenticity to her writing that pulls you in and holds you there from cover to cover.” Allen Eskens, author of The Life We Bury.

“When a woman's emaciated body is found in Lionel's Woods, Sergeant Corinne 'Corky' Aleckson is pulled off administrative reassignment, joining her fellow officers of the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department investigating the mysterious death. I can't say enough good things about this compelling and riveting mystery. The intricately woven and multilayered plot kept me reading late into the night, and at times actually holding my breath. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the engaging and very likable cast of characters, especially Corky and the delectable Detective Elton 'Smoke' Dawes.” Timya Owens

“A Death In Lionel's Woods continues the wonderful Winnebago County crime stories by Christine Husom. Her books drop tantalizing clues throughout the stories that keep readers turning the pages. Corky Aleckson is an attractive main character: strong, smart, wounded, lonely at times, and likeable. The scenes about the sheriff's department are accurate and realistic. Ms. Husom always includes a twist to her plots that explore interesting and unexpected aspects of criminal behavior--which makes her books so compelling to read.” Colin Nelson, author of Reprisal, Fallout, and Flashover.

“What would you do if you just received a mysterious message on your voicemail saying ‘you killed my friend?’ But just as Sergeant Corrine Aleckson shrugs off the disturbing call, ‘Smoke’ of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department receives a dispatch that a woman’s body has just been discovered in nearby Lionel’s Woods, decaying in the autumn ground. Together they uncover another layer of mystery—a stash of money that was buried beneath the body. That’s just the beginning of this spot on detective story that Christine Husom entwines with mystery and intrigue. Put your sleuth hat on, and journey into Lionel’s Woods—if you dare.” Jyl Scislow, Author of Moral Hazard-A Wall Street Thriller.


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